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Together, we embark on the great work of life. It is a journey that is not only about personal achievement, but also about making a difference that echoes through generations.


At the heart of Theta Foundation’s mission lies a fervent dedication to nurturing Thetas, guiding them to unlock their boundless potential. Our commitment resonates through every task we take on as we strive to provide avenues for growth and open doors to opportunities for Thetas everywhere.


GivingTuesday provides the annual opportunity for Thetas to unite in support of a cause about which we are all passionate! Since 2018, nearly $1.2 million has been raised on GivingTuesday to empower Thetas for generations through the Theta Forever Fund. On Tuesday, Nov. 28, Thetas and friends of Thetas around the globe will again celebrate our sisterhood through the support of Theta Foundation.


Every gift made on GivingTuesday will benefit the Theta Forever Fund. These unrestricted gifts allow Theta Foundation to ensure the Theta experience continues for years to come. The Theta Forever Fund supports Theta’s educational, leadership, and philanthropic pursuits, including the impactful experiences made available to members including Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), the Young Alumnae Leadership Program, mental health and wellbeing initiatives, and college officer leadership development.  


In honor of Theta's founding in 1870, you will receive a limited-edition 1870 sticker if you give just $18.70!


GivingTuesday Kick Off $15,000 Matching Gift
What an amazing start to #GivingTuesday! Because of three former presidents – Former Fraternity President Laura Ware Doerre (Delta Xi/North Carolina), Former Theta Foundation President Mary Ellen Kutsenda Fitzsimonds (Beta Kappa/Drake), and Former Fraternity President Mandy Burgett Wushinske (Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern) – every gift up to $15,000 was matched dollar-for-dollar beginning at 6am Eastern, so an additional $15,000 was added to our GivingTuesday total. Generously made possible by: • Laura Ware Doerre (Delta Xi/North Carolina) • Mary Ellen Kutsenda Fitzsimonds (Beta Kappa/Drake) • Mandy Burgett Wushinske (Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern)
1870 Founders $18,700 Challenge
Thank you to everyone who gave $18.70 in honor of Theta's founding in 1870. Last year, we started the 1870 challenge inviting donors to give $18.70 in celebration of Kappa Alpha Theta’s founding and we had 145 donors answer the call. This year, we challenged 187 donors to give $18.70 and met our goal! By doing so, we unlocked an incredible $18,700. Your limited edition 1870 sticker will come to you in the mail! Generously made possible by: • April Brown (Eta Theta/Central Florida) • Stephanie Machen (Delta Kappa/LSU) • Beth Nagel Marcin (Delta Sigma/Ball State) • Cindy Heine Stellhorn (Beta/Indiana) • Kelly Wesley Taylor (Gamma Iota/Kentucky) • Cydney Stewart (Gamma Omicron/New Mexico)
College Chapter Leaderboard
See which chapters are at the top of the leaderboard for donations!
Preferred Chapter
Rank Answer Amount
1 Beta Iota/Colorado $3,197.40
2 Beta Xi/UCLA $2,993.70
3 Iota/Cornell $2,743.70
4 Alpha Chi/Purdue $2,643.50
5 Beta Nu/Florida State $2,187.20
6 Pi/Albion $1,905.90
7 Beta/Indiana $1,892.20
8 Beta Pi/Michigan State $1,787.40
9 Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,768.70
10 Gamma/Butler $1,652.45
11 Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,637.40
12 Delta Kappa/LSU $1,613.50
13 Delta Upsilon/East. Kentucky $1,568.70
14 Delta Omicron/Alabama $1,407.40
15 Omicron/USC $1,345.00
Turn the US & Canada THETA GOLD: Trustees, Grand Council and FHC Board $25,000 Challenge
Theta sisters joined together in celebration of the Theta Forever Fund by representing every US state and Canada on #GivingTuesday. Because we turned the US & Canada Theta Gold, $25,000 was added to our total! Generously made possible by: • Cate Lock Bibb (Gamma Phi/Texas Tech) • Laura Richardson Bright (Beta Tau/Denison) • TJ Flynn Condon (Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson) • Rachel Coulter (Zeta Theta/Cal Poly) • Jane Shepherd Dick (Epsilon Mu/Princeton) • Kellie Dickerson (Zeta Lambda/Charleston) • Aimee Billow Forsythe (Nu/Hanover) • Nicole Frank (Beta Theta/Idaho) • Nancy Milligan Frick (Alpha/DePauw) • Amy Hamilton (Delta/Illinois) • Leah Hartman (Nu/Hanover) • Kelley Galbreath Hurst (Beta Iota/Colorado) • Karen Albrecht Ledbetter (Gamma Tau/Tulsa) • Kim Harvey Looney (Delta Pi/Tennessee) • Erica D'Angelo Ochs (Eta Nu/Lake Forest) • Jenni Broughton Schmaltz (Gamma/Butler) • Tina Villarete Tran (Zeta Nu/UC Davis) • Cynthea Strube Yestal (Beta Chi/Alberta) • Lisa R. Youngers (Psi/Wisconsin)
Beat Our Best Total Donors $6,500 Challenge
Since GivingTuesday 2017, the largest number of total gifts made on a single GivingTuesday for Kappa Alpha Theta was 928 (in 2019). This year, we aimed to secure the largest number of gifts to Theta Foundation on a single GivingTuesday. We reached our goal of 929+ gifts on GivingTuesday and unlocked an additional $6,500. Generously made possible by: • Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne (Nu/Hanover) • Pat Doomar Mierse (Beta Nu/Florida State) • Beth Gregory St. Jean (Gamma Omega/Auburn)
Participating Groups
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Theta Foundation Donors
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 102
2 IN 62
3 TX 52
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